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Meet our staff!



CVT, Veterinary Practice Manager

Stacey was raised in Daytona Beach, FL.  She is a Florida "Gator" girl with a graduate degree from St Petersburg College as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 1992.  She began working for Eastside Animal Clinic in March, 1994.  She also took on the job as the Practice Manager in 1996.  Her free time is spent with her husband & son,  boating, fishing & playing sports (right now it's soccer, basketball, golf & swimming).  She has a old, black lab, Marlin, that is crazy about his family.


Kerri Lynn

Manager Assistant

 Kerri is originally from Baltimore, MD and moved to Naples, FL in 1993.  She has been in the medical field (humans!) since 2002.  New to the Veterinary field, she joined EAC in April, 2022! Kerri brings a host of new and different ideas into the Veterinary clinic to keep us on top of things!  Kerri has been married since 1999 and has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls from 15 y/o - 23 y/o.  She enjoys spending any time available with family, her 3 dogs, Roxy, Apollo & Bruno, her 2 cats Minnie & Chip and also her Tortoise, Clover (good thing she's in the Veterinary field now!)  She also enjoys, sunsets, bowling, family movies, Disney, long weekend vacations or going on a cruise!





Veterinary Technician

Julie is a native Floridian who began working for as a Veterinary Technician in 1989.  She came to Eastside in June 2002, but after a few years, took some time off to raise 2 beautiful girls, Landyn & Piper.  She came back to EAC in December 2013.  Julie & her husband, Tate, raise beef cattle and enjoy equine sports as a family.  She has a CMA degree, but prefers working with four-legged animals instead.  Besides caring for her human family, she has 5 horses, 4 dogs, and 2 cats (and, at any given time, an orphan calf or two).





Certified Veterinary Technician 

Joy was born and raised in Northern Michigan. This is where she started her career as a Veterinary Technician in 1971.  She moved to Naples permanently in 1986. Joy was then grandfathered in to become a Certified Veterinary Technician in 1996. Continuing her passion of caring for animal, she joined Eastside Animal Clinic in 2005. Her true love is her church. She plays an active part in her church helping with worship and running the sound system for their performances and sermons.  She loves to sing in their choir and performs many solos.  Her home in the estates is shared with 4 dogs, 1cat, a bird.




Veterinary Technician

Caylin was raised all over Georgia.  From Flowery Branch with her parents to Dawsonville with her grandparents.  She graduated in Flowery Branch and then attended the University of North Georgia, where she received her A.S. in Biology.  She and her boyfriend Jasper moved to Naples to enjoy beach days, pool days and kayaking around Naples waterways.  She also loves "dog park" days with her dogs "Everett", a lab mix,  and "Summit" a GSD.  She also has  2 cats "Titos" and "Sake".  We are so happy she joined EAC in January, 2022.




Certified Veterinary Technician

Aubree moved to Naples with her family when she was 9 years old from New Castle, PA. She started her veterinary career right here at EAC when she was just 19 years old. She worked here and one other local vet clinic before deciding to go back to college to earn her CVT license. After school, Aubree started working in Emergency/Specialty Hospitals. The past 13 years in ER/Specialty hospitals has provided Aubree with many additional Vet Tech skills. In June 2021, she is very excited to be back at EAC after an 18 yr hiatus. She lives with her husband and absolutely loves her Japanese Chins. She is the Florida state rep for one of the largest Japanese Chin rescues in the country.



Certified Veterinary Assistant

Ayla was born and raised in Naples, FL.  She received her CVA (Certified Veterinary Assistant) degree from Lorenzo Walker Technical Institute and did her externship with us.  We hired her as she finished her schooling in April 2022.  Ayla lives with her family, 1 Bearded Dragon, 2 French Bulldogs & 2 Pitbulls!  In her spare time, she loves to go to the beach, walk trails with her athletic dogs, and reading.



Veterinary Assistant

Hannah is originally from Chicago, IL and moved to Naples, FL in 2016.  She has a Bachelor's Degree from FSU and is currently enrolled in Pre-Vet courses at FGCU!  She has been in the Veterinary field since 2020 and is pursuing her dream of becoming a Veterinarian and we are so excited she joined us in April 2022 to help her learn everything she can before going off to Vet school!  Hannah is currently living with her family (saving money) and her black Lab, Bella and Redbone Coonhound, Millie Mae!  In her spare time from working and studying, she enjoys painting, traveling, hiking and photography and has the neatest handwriting you've ever seen in Veterinary medicine! :0)





Veterinary Assistant

Born and raised in Naples, FL, Mayra joined EAC in June, 2022.  She started her internship with us for Lorenzo Walker Technical College- Veterinary Assistant program in December 2021, and we hired her after she graduated in June, 2022!  Mayra lives with her amazing family and her 3 dogs, Romeo, Chester & Mila (all Terrier X).  Since she currently has no free time - she spends what time she does have with her dogs mostly!



Client Service Representative & Veterinary Assistant

Kelsey is originally from Arkansas & moved to Ft Myers in 2019.  She joined EAC in May 2022.  She has 7+ years experience as a receptionist in the human medical field, but is currently schooling to be a Certified Vet Assistant.  Kelsey lives with her fiance, 2 lovable/rambunctious dogs , a Shep/Husky X  and a Pit/Chow X and 5 very different cats  (a Quiet, A needy, an old lady, a wild one  & a  King!



Client Service Representative

Julia joined EAC in June 2022.  She was born and raised in Downers Grove, IL and moved to Florida in 2017.  She has been in the Veterinary field since 2019 and wants to learn it all (but is great at the front desk with our clients and patients)..  She greets everyone with a sunshine smile!  Julia has 9 (no, now 10) pets including dogs, cats (latest kitten is an adoption from EAC),  a gecko and multiple snakes.  She shares her house with her fiance and ALL the menagerie of animals!  Her favorite things to do when she's isn't feeding ALL these animals, is different arts and crafts, spending time with friends and enjoying the beach.



Client Service Representative

Elizabeth, aka Ely, was born in Miami but raised in Naples!  Ely started at EAC in December 2021 after she graduated as CVA (Certified Veterinary Assistant) at Lorenzo Walker Technical Institute in 2019.  She lives with her family, 3 Yorkies & a Puppy Husky!  Ely  loves spending time working on her car with her boyfriend, playing & working with her Husky puppy training, riding & working on her motorcycle and video gaming!




Client Service Representative

Celeste was born & raised in Massachusetts & graduated from Becker College with a Veterinary Technician degree.  She moved to Florida to get away from the cold & joined EAC in mid 2019. Celeste has over 35 years in the Veterinary field. Her special interest is client education.  Her hobbies are going to the beach, sailing & being a New England Pats fan!  Celeste shares her new home with her 2 cats, Larry & Charlie.



Kennel Tech

Marissa started in the Veterinary field in 2017.  We are happy she joined EAC in Jan 2022.  Marissa was born in Naples, FL, moved to and raised in Kentucky, then back to Naples!  She lives with friends & her handsome Tuxedo cat Elli & her sweet, sweet Cocker Spaniel Lila!  In her spare time, she loves spending it with her god daughters & going to the beach!



Kennel Tech

Lilli was born and raised in SW Florida. She graduated college with an Esthetics degree, but quickly realized that animals were her true passion and calling.  She has since been in the Veterinary field one way or the other since January, 2022.  Lilli lives with her family and many pets including 2 failed foster mutts "Aries" & "Freya", 1 cat named "Skittles"  and a Staffy named "Gracie".  Her favorite fun is crafting, fostering animals of all sorts, yoga and snuggling on Gracie  (she's a lover).


Whitney Howell


Whitney was born and raised in Ft Myers, FL. She began her career as a groomer in 1982.  Her favorite breed to groom is a Schnauzer, but she loves to groom almost any breed.  The best part is seeing the "finished product"!  She began grooming at Eastside Animal Clinic in December 1993.  She has adopted multiple cats from EAC over the years and also has 4 dogs to share her time with.  Whitney loves to bike ride, surf the Internet and is a movie BUFF.  She also loves to bake (thank goodness, because it's all really great and we all love it!)  Her favorite passion is fishing whenever she can get a few moments to herself.



(AKA "Swiffer", "Squishy", "Squash")

"Squish" came in as an Emergency, May 2, 2007...She was saved by one of our clients who jumped a fence to save her & brought her to us immediately.  She was in the middle of a 3 dog fight (with her, a 7 month old kitten being the cause of it)!  She was severely wounded with punctures, bruising, swelling, & NO use of her back legs.  We x-rayed her for any internal damage, & she was lucky with none to be found (no broken bones & no internal organ damage).  We treated her with antibiotics, steroids, cortisone injections, & K-Laser treatments.  Our little survivor "purred" through every bit of it. We weren't sure what we were going to do with her, because she still did  not have use of her back legs.  We tested & vaccinated her in hopes of a bright future in a forever home...who knew it would be with us!  After trying to contemplate all options of a harness, wheels, cover-ups, etc to protect her useless hind end, we decided to remove her back legs in order to save her life & help her get around easier (hopefully). After we removed the sutures from the intricate, timely surgery, we let her out of her crate and....... WOW can she move around the clinic fast!  "Squish" can slide all over the place on our rolled floors. She can even get up the stairs & on fabric chairs. (She has a very strong upper body!) She has become "Ringo's" favorite playmate, boxing partner & love of his life. After "Ringo's" death, "Squish"  has become our greeter, social butterfly, & "great beggar" of any and all attention available!  We love her greatly & couldn't have asked for a better friend to find & adopt us.



"Hollywood" - Kennel Cat

"Hollywood" came to us in a litter of 3 in July 2017.  His siblings were also appropriately named... Beverly (Hills) & Carson (Daly)!  His siblings were adopted, but sadly he did not get adopted by anyone... as we had all fallen in love with him over his time with us we got to add him to OUR Family!  Hollywood took his time getting to know eveyone & get comfortable.  A bit on the shy side at first, but once he gets to know you he is a character.  Now he is a 'King' in his own kingdom - the KENNEL - he stays in the kennel area all day & has his own suite at night!  He is not afraid of any of the dogs that come to stay with us & actually has another cat 'BFF' that stays with us very frequently. They are inseparable!  Hollywood is the best for a perfect HUG or  just some cat lovin' anytime!  He loves playing with his "furry mice" toys or anything else he can get into mischief with- especially if its something we are working on- just like the typical teenager he is!  Everyone loves him so much!