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Posted By :    ruth stockinger
Posted :    4/22/2016
Comments :    we love everyone at Eastside Animal Clinic! their care of our sweet corgi ami rose, and of our beloved corgi tony soprano who passed away 2 years ago, is impeccable. how lucky we are to have such a wonderful practice here for our "babies"! many thanks!
Posted By :    Martha Bunker
Posted :    3/20/2016
Comments :    Thank you for your wonderful care of our labradoodle Archie who got into some pills -- you were great when I brought him in, called me the next day to see how he was doing and then sent me a thank you note -- we felt very well cared for! You were recommended by a friend who went to vet school with Dr.Angstrom, who was off last Wednesday, but Dr. jOhnson was great as was the whole staff!
Posted By :    Judi Napier  (jan82454@aol.com)
Posted :    2/29/2016
Comments :    We were so impressed by the cleanliness of the entire facility. The staff was very friendly and efficient. Dr. Johnson gave Bentley a boarding exam which was extremely thorough. He was so patient with us in explaining allergies and diet. Bentley was then boarded for three nights. His experience was awesome. I am so thankful to the Caregivers, Maggie and Raven. Eastside Animal Clinic was recommended to us by friends and now we will not hesitate to recommend them to others.
Posted By :    Marilyn Clark  (marilyn1944@gmail.com)
Posted :    11/15/2015
Comments :    Thank you to the Eastside Animal Hospital staff and Dr. Johnson for helping me let go of my awesome cat Oscar. Compassionate, caring, understanding, friendly. Thank you all. Also thank you for the sympathy card it meant a lot to me.
Posted By :    Kate Albers
Posted :    11/6/2015
Comments :    Our cat Gus has been a patient of Dr. Angstrom's and Eastside Animal Clinic for seven years and he is wonderful with her (yes, her). He always answers my questions, allays my fears and I know she is in the best hands. Thank you for all of the great work you and your staff do.
Posted By :    Marci Urnaza  (Murnaza@gmail.com)
Posted :    5/20/2015
Comments :    My husband Jerry picked up Rusty's ashes today. They made a final paw print and baked it to give to us. Rusty was never a patient of theirs but they showed such compassion and consideration when we had to have him cremated because he died at home. They have been so sympathetic with us during our loss. I can't say enough wonderful things about all of the people at Eastside! You would have loved him as much as we did. Rusty is 'home again' with us! Thanks. -;)
Posted By :    Barbara Christensen
Posted :    3/14/2015
Comments :    When our Golden Retriever showed signs of ear problems, I asked friends at Pellican Lake RV Resort where I should take him. They suggested East Side Animal Clinic and I'm so glad they did! The staff was knowledgeable and pleasant. Dr. Carl took time to explain my dog's problem and answered all my questions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone with an animal in need of treatment!
Posted By :    Jayne Morgenthal  (Jrmorgen@att.net)
Posted :    10/26/2014
Comments :    Words can not express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Johnson and staff for the wonderful care of Sochi during her recent laser experience. Thank u for your knowledge, care, and keeping me inform during her surgery. She is my baby
Posted By :    Nina Cohen
Posted :    9/6/2014
Comments :    Everyone was incredible...thank you so much for making my emergency visit less stressful. I expected a huge bill because of the emergency nature of my visit. I was pleasantly surprised how reasonable it was..I would highly recommend your clinic. Thank you for your kind attention to my baby....and to me.
Posted By :    Eastside Animal Clinic  (eastsideanimalclinic@comcast.net)
Posted :    4/29/2014
Comments :    For anyone viewing our testimonials, we want to let you know that we DO NOT have a Dr Bowers here at Eastside Animal Clinic in Naples. Please rest assured that we have only positive remarks from our wonderful client family about our Doctors. We are blessed to have such a great staff. Thank you for all your support & love. We love your four- footed family too!
Posted By :    Monica McCarthy  (mjwm2@yahoo.com)
Posted :    2/26/2014
Comments :    I have had a long relationship with Karl, Dr. Johnson and most of the staff for many years now. From taking care of my two quite elderly cats to now my 'three' adoptees. Besides being extremely professional they are also personable, kind and understanding. They know that our pets are part of our family. I wouldn't trade Eastside's team for any other veterinary team in SWFL. I have recommended them to others and have been thanked once they have taken their own pet in. This IS the place to go. Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding the terrific care my kitties have had.
Posted By :    Lisa Ethridge
Posted :    10/4/2013
Comments :    We have been with Eastside Animal Clinic for many years. We have always been treated in a professional manner and with kindness from every single employee and with both Dr. Angstrom and Dr. Johnson. Dr. Angstrom was our primary Dr., but we had some interaction with Dr. Johnson as well. We always felt very comfortable with their treatment and advice. They are without a doubt the most gentle and kind Vets we have ever had the pleasure to care for our pets. We 100% trust their knowledge. It is with great regret that we have moved from the area and will no longer be able to entrust our pets to their care. I highly recommend this facility, employees and Dr. Angstrom as well as Dr. Johnson
Posted By :    Jean Wilcox Sanford  (jeanwsanford@gmail.com)
Posted :    5/10/2012
Comments :    I have been a client of the Eastside Animal Clinic since I moved from NY State. Dr. Johnson and Dr Angstrom have always treated my dogs well and I have raved about the care the entire staff provide.
Posted By :    Julie Higginbotham  (jlhggnbthm@centurylink.net)
Posted :    4/17/2011
Comments :    I sure do miss that lovely assistant, what was her name....?? Judy, JuJu, or Julio? I can't remember. Short in stature but large in work ethics! Love you guys!
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